"Why did everyone cross the road?
Because, at some point,
everyone must cross the road."


Transport Troy is an active citizens group representing all citizens of Troy who desire more complete access to our City. Transport Troy meetings are open to the public. Anyone who cares about transportation issues in Troy is welcome to attend. We feel that the highest purpose of an enlightened citizenry is to focus government on work for the common good, and commit them to a long term strategy of making good policy too popular to be endangered. Our Meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome to attend.


By expanding Troy's accessibility, we will raise our quality of life, boost the local economy and increase involvement and enjoyment for all citizens. By developing infrastructure we will make Troy a more desirable place to live and visit, celebrating urban living in the 21st Century.

Transport Troy is a volunteer organization founded in 2012 to promote alternate transportation as a means to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle; improved economic access, and community development in Troy. Transport Troy was recognized as a Citizen's Working Group (CWG) by former Mayor Rosamilia in 2013 to develop Complete Streets legislation. Subsequently members of Transport Troy were appointed to the Complete Streets Advisory Group (CSAG) upon passage of the Complete Streets ordinance. Other projects include the installation of Creative Crosswalks throughout the City, as well as, business sponsored bike racks.



Transport Troy Meetings are held on the second

Wednesday of the month at 6pm at 594 River St. Troy, NY. 

Transport Troy Agendas and Minutes.