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Transport Troy actively advocates for accessibility and sustainable transportation in our city.  We focus community and government resources on work for the common good, and commit them to a long term strategy of making good urban policy too popular to be ignored. Our meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome to attend.


Transport Troy is an organization of empathetic individuals bound by shared values of justice through equitable access to safe mobility and public space.


We envision that all people have safe and efficient transportation options, so that no one is denied access to housing, food, healthcare, education, work, recreation, and culture. Transportation and public space in Troy and the surrounding area can work harmoniously with our lives, our community, and our planet.

Public space, including our city streets, is for everyone, and must be designed, safe, and accessible for all.


Transport Troy is a volunteer organization founded in 2012 to promote alternate transportation as a means to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, improved economic access, and community development in Troy. Transport Troy was recognized as a Citizen's Working Group (CWG) by former Mayor Rosamilia in 2013 to develop Complete Streets legislation. Subsequently members of Transport Troy were appointed to the Complete Streets Advisory Group (CSAG) upon passage of the Complete Streets ordinance. Our other ongoing projects include installation of Creative Crosswalks throughout the City, business sponsored bike racks, and the Collar City Ramble every September.


Transport Troy Meetings are held on the second

Wednesday of the month at 6pm on Zoom:

Transport Troy Agendas and Minutes.

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